FUELSAVE – Green Technology

FUELSAVE GmbH concluded laboratory tests at FVTR

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce to have successfully completed a series of laboratory measurements with the Forschungszentrum für Verbrennungsmotoren und Thermodynamik Rostock GmbH (FVTR) of the university of Rostock. The FVTR is one of Europes leading R&D institutes and experts in combustion engines and thermodynamics with worldwide recognized test laboratories that even have a license to run Heavy Fuel Oils ( HFO) on land. FVTR customers include but are not limited to MAN, MTU, MaK, ABB, BOSCH, etc.

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FS MARINE+ gets 2nd DNV GL approval

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce that DNV GL issues another approval for its FS MARINE+ solution after FS AMRINE+ completed the first 1000 hours with no problem and with outstanding results and positive effects on the engine as confirmed also through DNV GL inspection & surveys showing less soot on cylinder heads due to a cleaner combustion and fuel savings.

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FS MARINE+ Inspection by engine service company confirms less engine wear & tear due to cleaner combustion

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce the engine service company and engine experts Carl Baguhn Hamburg (CBH) have completed a report after 1000 hours of use of the FS MARINE+ solution which confirmed the positive effects that FS MARINE+ has on the combustion process and to reduce engine wear & tear with less soot on cylinders, where the chief engineer from CBH confirmed he did not see sthg. like this in 35 years of his professional life. Read More

FUELSAVE GmbH awarded 1st Seal of Excellence by EU Commission

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce to have received a SEAL of excellence by the EU Commission as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2014-2020. FUELSAVE has received a seal of excellence in the area of “Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon and efficient energy system”.

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FUELSAVE GmbH voted in the TOP 10 of the Greentec Awards 2017

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce that we have been selected by TÜV Nord and WWF for the TOP 10 in the GREENTEC AWARDS 2017, one of the worlds most prestigious green energy and cleantech awards. Read More

FS MARINE+ confirms again impressive fuel savings of around 16% net

FS MARINE+ technology has been tested and measured with our customer SAL Heavy Lift GmbH in Venice for a second time to determine the dependency and influence of the system capacity on the overall savings. The FS MARINE+ system has been tested with 50% system capacity, which should lead analog to around 8% net savings to confirm the previous measurement series with 100% capacity of gas and liquid injections of the fuel saving and emissions reduction additives. Read More

FS MARINE+ gets 1st DNV GL approval

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce that it achieved the worlds first approval of such hydrogen generator and injector technology according to DNV GL. Read More

FS MARINE+ gets installed on “MV Annette”

FUELSAVE GmbH has been requested by SAL Heavy Lift GmbH to install the FS MARINE+ solution onboard of the MV Annette , one of the 2 largest heavy lift crane ships in Europe. Read More

FS MARINE+ delivers impressive fuel savings of 16,1% net

FS MARINE+ technology has been measured by our customer SAL Heavy Lift GmbH and the engine specialist and service company Carl Baguhn Hamburg in dock trials in Hamburg onboard of MV Annette of SAL Heavy Lift GmbH. Read More