FS MARINE+ confirms again impressive fuel savings of around 16% net

FS MARINE+ technology has been tested and measured with our customer SAL Heavy Lift GmbH in Venice for a second time to determine the dependency and influence of the system capacity on the overall savings. The FS MARINE+ system has been tested with 50% system capacity, which should lead analog to around 8% net savings to confirm the previous measurement series with 100% capacity of gas and liquid injections of the fuel saving and emissions reduction additives.

OPEX Reduction : 11,30% Gross savings

  • 0,41% Electricity (Electrolysis, PLC, etc.)
  • 3,17% Methanol
  • 0,30% Pressurized Air / Water

OPEX-Reduction : 7,42% Net savings

Which confirms the finding of the Hamburg measurements series with 16,1% net savings, which is already very impressive and does not yet even include all additional possible measures for efficiency enhancement that can be achieved capitalizing on the specific benefits of the technology and future expected savings, such as:

  • reduced maintenance costs
  • reduced lube oil costs due to cleaner combustion
  • energy savings for reducing air intake cooling due to “fridge effect” of FS MARINE+
  • increase in turbo charger efficiency due to cooler air at intake
  • additional costs/ better ROI from rising fuel prices In the future
  • less stress on the vessel structure because of less vibrations and smoother engine run
  • less wear & tear through cleaner combustion and less soot, etc.
  • less turbo charger cleaning due to cleaner exhaust à better voyage planning and better load profiles & less maintenance costs

FS MARINE+ confirms again impressive fuel savings of around 16% net