FS MARINE+ Inspection by engine service company confirms less engine wear & tear due to cleaner combustion

FUELSAVE GmbH is proud to announce the engine service company and engine experts Carl Baguhn Hamburg (CBH) have completed a report after 1000 hours of use of the FS MARINE+ solution which confirmed the positive effects that FS MARINE+ has on the combustion process and to reduce engine wear & tear with less soot on cylinders, where the chief engineer from CBH confirmed he did not see sthg. like this in 35 years of his professional life.

  • An intermediate inspection of the engine (AE 1) after 1.000 operating hours from CBH engine specialists in charge of service & maintenance for the end-customer (SAL – Heavy Lift GmbH)
  • A very positive outcome has been recorded and that no negative effect can be seen. In contrary the cylinders are much cleaner and there are even visibly less emissions from the exhaust system with less Particulate Matter (PM)
    • Measurements of piston, ring grooves & liner represent normal tear & wear values
    • Reduced deposites on all combustion process engaged components
    • Conrod bearing shows no identificable wear

Comparison of same engines with & without FS MARINE+

  • The engine AE 1 was compared to a identical second engine AE 2, running in parallel operation but without FS MARINE+ unit. The key findings which underline the positive results:
    • AE 1 without increased wear compared to AE 2.
    • Reduced sooting at AE 1 compared to AE 2 à less engine wear & tear