The FS MARINE + provides a patented solution to reduce fuel consumption of marine diesel-powered engines & auxiliary systems and reduce significantly emissions.

FS MARINE+ solution has been field-tested on high seas, certified and approved by DNV GL as the worlds first onboard hydrogen generator and injection solution with gas & liquid injec¬tion mechanisms and processes.

The proven benefits from real-life operation and lab tests are impressive and inherit the potential for further improvement by fine-tuning to the specific engines and their usage profiles.


Above you can see FUELSAVE GmbH CTO Dirk Hoffmann with DNV GL officer at the approval of the FS MARINE+ solution on board of the MV Annette.

Above you can see the CTO of the FUELSAVE GmbH, Dirk Hoffmann with a DNV GL officer at approval of the FS MARINE+ Solution on board of the MV Annette ( SAL Heavy Lift GmbH , part of the Harren & Partner group)


An intelligently controlled Hydrogen syngas generator and injector combines a proprietary gas injection with other efficiency enhancement processes like a specific water methanol injection to increase combustion efficiency, leading to a cleaner and cooler combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


  • Savings on fuel consumption (10-15%)
  • Reduce emissions (Co2 10-15%, FSN 40% , NOx 30-80%)
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduce engine wear & tear
  • FS MARINE+ Proven Benefits


  • Achieved Several Worlds First
  • Worldwide unique solution
  • Amortization within the warranty period
  • Flexible business & pricing models focused on customer ROI
  • IMO Tier I & II compliant for older ships


  • By injecting an onboard-generated proprietary hydrogen-based synth gas with methanol into the engine under approved and tested security mechanisms, we improve the combustion efficiency.
  • Due to the higher energy potential of the gas mix, the ignition takes place earlier and the fuel is being burned more complete providing more energy with a more efficient combustion.
  • Simultaneously the operating temperature is decreased on the heat bearing parts of the combustion process by a proprietary water methanol injection.


Schema & Flow Diagram

GA Plan

Below you can see a GA plan of a FS MARINE+ installation


FS MARINE+ Container

FS MARINE+ is available as a fully packaged “plug & play” module for equipping maritime vessels for featuring the most cost-effective deployment with the least amount of work

The FS MARINE+ Container has been designed to provide ship operators with a more cost-effective, plug-in-and-play version of its engine combustion optimization and emissions abatement system.

The FS MARINE+ Container version enables shipowners to deploy the solution with minimum installation and ship preparation costs and without space constraints under deck, while enabling the system to be reusable from one ship to another. The development also facilitates the possibility of “hot-swapping” the containers in due to service and maintenance requirements without impacting the shipping schedule.

The fuel additive technology, proven to improve fuel consumption by up to 25%, cut CO2 and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 80%, FSN and PM by 40% and slash engine maintenance costs, can now be installed on deck in either a TEU or FEU container. The development negates the need for engine room modifications as only additional pipework is required to connect the FS MARINE+ Container to the engine and the ship (electricity, water, air, methanol tank, alarm system).

FS MARINE+ Fitting Option – Container Module

For easy , fast and cost-effective installation the solution can be provided pre-packaged as a containerized module including Methanol Storage tanks

FS MARINE+ Fitting Option – Container Module

FS MARINE+ Fitting Option – Container Module

FS MARINE+ Fitting Option – Individual Fitting

FS MARINE+ can be installed under deck wherever there is available space and inline with the relevant security regulations

FS MARINE+ Case Study – Photo Series

See below how FS MARINE+ system gets delivered and deployed in an individual fitting in the engine room.

Customer Vessel: MV Annette

Here you can see some pictures of the customer vessel for the first real field deployment of FS MARINE+ for almost 2,5 years, where it successfully completed around 5.000 hours without a single problem and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

FS MARINE+ Delivery

Here you can see some pictures of how the FS MARINE+ unit has been delivered onboard of MV Annette

FS MARINE+ Installation

Here you can see some pictures fo the FS MARINE+ unit installed on board of the MV Annette.

FS MARINE+ Integration

Here you can see the SAL and FUELSAVE team at the integration works of the FS MARINE+ system with the AUX engine

FS MARINE+ Validation

Here you can find some pictures of the validation of the FS MARINE+ integration with the chief engineer on the MV Annette

CASE STUDY – FS MARINE+ delivering astonishing improvements

The engine performance of the system has been confirmed by Hamburg-based engine service company and specialists Carl Baguhn and the DNV GL, which reported less soot and reduced wear and tear due to the cleaner combustion process.

Following the FS MARINE+ installation aboard the SAL Heavy Lift ship mv Annette, Carl Baguhn Hamburg (CBH) Managing Director Carsten Körbelin says: “It is a matter of fact. We have been maintaining the owner’s auxiliary engines for some years. They run on MDO, have always been well maintained and operated under normal conditions. But since we installed the FUELSAVE system, the engine has become much cleaner. There is no visible soot and engine running is much smoother, with reduced levels of noise and vibration. The improvement is astonishing. This is something very special.”

Use of FS MARINE+ also extended the times between lubricating oil changes from 500h to over 1500h, reducing engine maintenance and service costs, considerably. FS MARINE+ was able to reduce fuel consumption by over 16% net only through the improved combustion efficiency, not taking into account other positive effects and efficiency increases and savings that can be achieved as a result of the benefits of the patented technology.

• reduced maintenance & reduced lube oil costs
• energy savings for air intake cooling
• increase in turbo charger efficiency due to cooler air at intake
• less stress on the vessel structure because of less vibrations and smoother engine run
• less wear & tear through cleaner combustion and less soot, etc.
• less turbo charger cleaning due to cleaner exhaust > better voyage planning and better load profiles & less maintenance costs


FS MARINE + is an innovative solution for almost any type of ship:

  • Commercial operated Ships & vessel
  • Container ships
  • Heavy load carriers
  • Cruise ships


Do you own a boat / ship / vessel or shipping company? Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our products and solutions and how they can be used to reduce your operating expenses ( OPEX) and increase your profits by saving you money. We are looking forward to hear from you.


Here we like to provide links to videos and new articles which are emphasizing how FS MARINE+ can greatly contribute to addressing current challenges in the shipping industry and and provide effective solutions for ship owners & operators to reduce fuel consumption & emissions to become greener and more profitable.

  • IMO – Energy Efficiency in Shipping – why it matters – Learn More about the need for energy efficiency enhancement in shipping, here: https://youtu.be/ZiBYFeP6kK8

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our products and solutions and how they can be used to help you & save money. We are looking forward to hear from you.