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Inverter Capabilities Are the Biggest Limitation Facing All-Renewable Microgrids

All-renewable microgrids such as the one powering Borrego Springs are likely to remain scarce for years because of inverter shortcomings, according to an expert. The current state of inverter technology makes it difficult to maintain microgrid stability once… Read More

Experts Are Skeptical of China’s Ability to Run a Transparent Cap-and-Trade System

New York Times: Enacting Cap-and-Trade Will Present Challenges Under China’s System American officials have applauded President Xi Jinping’s commitment to a national market for greenhouse-gas quotas as a breakthrough in environmental cooperation. But to work well, Mr. Xi’s pledge,… Read More

Can Flow Batteries Ever Help Power Off-Grid Villages and Remote Telecom?

Flow-battery builder Imergy Power Systems is working with China's Juno Capital to develop energy storage and backup power for China’s telecommunications market. This phase is a pilot program looking to replace diesel backup at remote telecom equipment sites… Read More

APS Proposes to Withdraw Fee Increase for Solar Customers

Arizona Public Service has offered to withdraw its request to increase the grid access charge for residential solar customers, claiming that opponents have turned the issue into “political theater.” In a filing submitted on Friday, APS said it… Read More

SolarCity Launches Solar Service for Affordable Housing

SolarCity launched a new solar service this week to provide solar to affordable housing developers so residents can pay less for their electricity. The projects will be built on-site, on the rooftops of either the apartment buildings or… Read More

How Vendors and Utilities Are Commercializing Large Solar-Plus-Storage Projects

There’s a simple and obvious logic to pairing batteries with solar power: capture solar energy when the sun is shining, and then use it when the sun goes down. But the economic realities of the commercial-scale solar-plus-storage projects… Read More

AES Launches Asset-Backed Securities Based on Portfolio of Distributed Solar Generation

Asset-backed securities, such as the one just offered by AES Distributed Energy, are a source of low-cost capital for solar project development. And low-cost capital is the lifeblood of solar projects and solar market growth. As (expensive) tax… Read More

How Many Coal-Mining Companies Have Gone Bankrupt Since 2009?

Welcome to GTM's Energy News Quiz. I'm your host, Regis Philbin Mike Munsell. We've provided explainer links to all of the solutions below the quiz, so try not to cheat by looking ahead! Sign up for our newsletter… Read More

Brazil Could Be the Next Global Solar Superpower. But There’s Still Work to Do

Brazil is a sleeping solar giant. As the country’s solar market begins to stir, what are the main changes that need to occur for Brazil to join China, the United States, and Japan as one of the top… Read More

Total Plans $500M Investment in Renewables, Even While Cutting Spending Company-Wide

Bloomberg: Total Plans $500 Million Annual Investment in Renewable Energy Total SA plans to invest $500 million a year in renewable energy, a step by Europe’s second-largest oil and gas company to expand in biofuels and solar. The French… Read More