FUELSAVE GmbH is a young company with strong R&D and engineering background, aspiring to establish itself as a leading provider in the sector of efficiency technologies for industrial plants, ships & vehicles, etc.

We are providing innovative solutions to increase the operational profitability for our customers worldwide, while reducing the impact into our environment, following our credo:

  • Save Energy
  • Save Money
  • Save the Planet



FUELSAVE GmbH was founded in 2012, in order to enhance the fuel efficiencies & reduce emissions for trucks & utility vehicles in an innovative & sustainable way. The focus in R&D quickly widened up for various use cases in other markets where the technology can be adapted and deployed to bring measurable benefits to the users that make economically sense, while reducing the impact in the environment.

With the help of leading efficiency engineers combining decades of experience in various sectors from design, development, manufacturing, testing, implementing of efficiency technologies, we evolved into different areas of GREEN TECHNOLOGY and feature an exciting portfolio of innovative , practicable solutions.

These solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Different variations & applications of synthetic gas (hydrogen) generators
  • Highly efficient Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Heat to Power transformation with waste heat from industrial processes
  • Methanol to FUEL reformation with waste heat from industrial processes
  • Highly efficient new type of engine
  • Mobile autonomous energy containers

This makes us today a young and highly innovative efficiency technologist specialist with a wide range of exciting and future proof products & solutions.


To create for our customers efficient, sustainable & profitable solutions, which:

  • Lower the operating expenses of users
  • Increase the operational profits of users
  • Reduce Emissions & Save the Environment
  • Support a responsible & environmental friendly company image

FUELSAVE is establishing itself as a leading provider for the design, development, testing & deployment of efficiency technology, by acting as an innovator & solution provider to real life challenges & problems in various industries & contributing with intelligent technical solutions to energy problems worldwide.

The FUELSAVE logo should become a synonym for reduced energy consumption, high efficiency, high Return-on-Investment (ROI), user safety, environmental protection and innovations addressed to real life challenges.


We aim to optimize by technical upgrades or new deployments the energy efficiency of the new or existing system. Here we are focusing on niche markets and innovative applications, that solve existing challenges at an adequate price level to generate clear benefits and profits for the users.

FUELSAVE products are enhancing the energy balance and increase the efficiency of the overall system, from a truck, ship, industrial engine/ plant to the power & heat provision of households, like with the combined Heat & Power co-generator (CHP) , etc.

  • We help our customer & users to save real money, while saving the environment
  • At the same output we reduce the energy costs of electricity, gas, fuel, etc.
  • At the same input of the used energy source, we increase the output due to better efficiencies.
  • We bring existing & new technologies and techniques together in an innovative way, in order to use them in the best possible manner in a way they have not been used before successfully.
  • Standalone products
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Independent Consultation
  • Individual Project Development
  • Turnkey projects
  • Professional Services ( Training / Warranty / Support / Maintenance)

FUELSAVE is today a Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that implements its own leading technologies & unique solutions with other components of leading manufacturers to provide turnkey projects for our valued customers worldwide.

FUELSAVE follows new & intuitive paths with its own project-driven Research & Development & Engineering teams to successfully design, market & sell its innovations to create win-win situations with our customers & business partners.