FUELSAVE is a recognized supplier with an extensively experienced team in the sector of efficiency technology with unique and patented pending solutions and enjoys an expert position in its field.


Quality is not an accident but the result of hard work to learn from mistakes and the will & motivation to correct it. This is how our solutions evolved over the years to what they are today. Our certified engineers are among the best in their field and are closely involved in design, production and development, testing & implementation.


Starting at the design & development phase, safety aspects are being discussed jointly with the customer and target audience. We take our responsibility very seriously as service providers and manufacturers. The operational reliability of our products comes before their profitability. We do not accept compromises – if a product is not absolutely secure and economically sound, we will abandon it. FUELSAVE products are safe for the environment, humans and their finances.


Customer satisfaction comes first, where only a happy customer is a successful project. We want our valued customers to revert to us for follow-up project to create long-term win-win scenarios. We work hard in our projects to exceed expectations and want to find the best possible solution for our customers.


Our products are tested and approved, where applicable, after meeting test standards by relevant entities, respected institutes & certification bodies for the corresponding markets (TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd, etc.).


FUELSAVE is a project driven company. In close collaboration between our development / engineering and production / manufacturing / assembly teams, FUELSAVE creates high-quality and sustainable solutions for end customers with the ability to scale vertically & horizontally to implement large and / or complex systems & turnkey projects while minimizing risks.